What is SSL? SSL Certificate

SSL is a short form of Secure Socket Layers and encryption technology that keeps sensitive data secure and private between web browsers and web servers. SSL is generally called an SSL certificate.

In this amazing world of the internet, what is the most important thing that you want to hide? Yes, Privacy. Nowadays sharing all kinds of information about ourselves has become completely normal. But not everything!

Sensitive information like Credit card details, Bank account information, login credentials, etc is one of the most important things you need to keep private. 

If you have a WordPress website and your website handles sensitive information, you absolutely need to make sure your visitors and customers can trust you with it. And SSL comes in handy here.

SSL is a short form of Secure Socket Layers and encryption technology that keeps sensitive data secure and private between web browsers and web servers.

SSL is also called TLS or Transport Layer Security Protocol. TLS is the successor of SSL. These protocols rely on certificates that provide trust to the user or customers about the identity of the website they are visiting or buying products.

Once you enable SSL on your website, it’ll use HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP (HTTPS refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and HTTP refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol). You will also see a small padlock sign next to your website address in the browsers. The padlock shows that the website is secure.

Do I need to use SSL on My Website?

Of course, it’s highly recommended to use SSL on all WordPress Websites. It’s one of the first things you need to enable in your website or WordPress blog.

Have you ever visited any website and your browser showed that the website is not secure? The reason is the website doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Google Chrome and all the other web browsers show non-SSL websites as ‘Not Secure. This means if you don’t use an SSL certificate on your website, then you are going to lose your visitors’ or customers’ trust. And if it remains Not Secure, you may lose them as well.

your connection is not secure

Let’s assume you are a website visitor. You should not visit any website that has the Not Secure label. And if you wish to proceed then proceed with extreme caution. But we will recommend that you don’t give them any personal information (Credit card details, Bank account information, Login Credentials, etc).

Sites that use a valid SSL certificate will display a padlock sign next to the website address. Users can click on the padlock sign to view certification, Identification, and other information about a website.

Connection is secure

Websites requiring personal data (Credit card details, Bank account information, Login Credentials, etc) must have a valid SSL certificate installed from a recognized Certificate Authority (CA). Including WordPress websites, eCommerce sites, Membership sites, Forums, Online Shopping Sites, or any type of website that requires a user to provide a p[ayment or login credentials. 

How does an SSL work?

SSL enables HTTPS instead of default HTTP. An SSL certificate protects user information with encryption technology. It encrypts the data being exchanged between the visitor’s browser and the webserver.

When a visitor visits a website, the browser automatically checks for an SSL certificate to see if it is valid and up to date as well. 

If a website’s SSL certificate is correct and valid, then the browser uses the website’s public key to encrypt the data and sends this data back to the website’s server. Then in the server, the data decrypts using both the public key and private key.

Step 1


Step 2


What if the website certificate is not correct?

If the certificate is not correct, then the browser will show that ‘Your connection is not private error dialogue. It is highly recommended that site owners fix the error as soon as possible so that they don’t lose traffic. You can solve the error from our ‘How to Fix Your Connection is Not Private Error’ guide. 


How can I get an SSL Certificate for Your Website?

Almost all the best WordPress Hosting companies offer free SSL certificates for their Users. If your hosting provider doesn’t offer an SSL certificate, Then we recommend purchasing an SSL certificate from is one of the largest domain registration services and hosting providers in the world. was founded in 1999. They offer SSL at the most affordable prices. They also offer a $10,000 security warranty and a TrustLogo seal with their SSL certificate.

But, what if you have just started a WordPress blog or eCommerce website and you want to keep the costs to a minimum?

No worries, There are many ways to get a free SSL certificate. You can learn it from our ‘How to get a free SSL certificate for Your WordPress Website’ guide.

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